Having dandruff is a major turn off. It doesn’t only cause dry, rough and itchy scalp but also is highly unattractive, it will negatively impact our social encounters. Apart from all these issues, it majorly affects our skin, damaging our scalp, face, shoulder and all the skin where it can reach. Our skin needs proper care and nourishment to grow completely healthy hair.

Along with external protection for our hair, it also requires a regular supply of nourishment which can be provided by oiling the hair regularly, Argan oil which is a very useful oil that helps to treat our damaged scalp, it also promotes fuller hair growth.

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Using Argan oil for treating dandruff

Dandruff is caused mostly because of impurities on our scalp. It is observed to be increasing and potent when the scalp is drier and when we delay in taking proper care for the same. In such cases, Argan oil acts as a healing ingredient. It provides the scalp with the right amount of nourishment, keeping it well hydrated.

What Makes Argan Oil An Optimal Solution?

The answer is the constituents. Here are some of them below which is beneficial to the hair:


Argan oil has an abundance of antioxidants that boost the blood circulation and it also contributes to promoting a healthy cell renewal. These antioxidants significantly work in repairing the cells that are already damaged, which cause issues to the health of our skin and hair.

Vitamin E

This oil is rich in Vitamin E that repairs damaged, dry and rough hair by providing the necessary nourishment. The properties of Vitamin E gives your flaky scalp compete for nourishment and better space to recover.


Anti-Inflammatory properties are the most essential benefits of Argan Oil. It helps to cure all types of irritated and inflamed skin. Dry scalp is often prone to dandruff. It causes irritation and itchiness. This mild inflammation can be cured by the Vitamin E properties which are in abundance in Argan oil.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acid plays an important role in protecting and nourishing the scalp, skin, and hair. It also enriches the skin and hair cells. Argan oil is full of Omega 6 fatty acids. Hence Argan oil can be used to cure the malnourished scalp.

Treatments for Dandruff

If you are facing the problem of dandruff for a long time now then you need to treat it soon with the help of a specialized doctor.

However, if your dandruff has been observed for less than a month, then we’d suggest you go through these home remedies. These DIY scalp masks will help you see the result in a couple of weeks and you can continue to use these remedies after you see the result.

Argan Oil For Dandruff - Best Products Of The Week - Getuserreviews.com

Home Remedy No.1

All we need:

  1. 2 tbsp Argan Oil
  2. 1tsp Camphor Powder
  3. Mix the two together. Apply this oil to the scalp with your fingertips and massage it in a circular motion few minutes.
  4. This will get absorbed in the scalp and boost the blood circulation. Apply this oil twice a week before going to bed and wash it away the next morning. This remedy will help you reduce the inflammation.

Home Remedy 2

All we need:

  1. 3 tbsp Argan Oil
  2. 1 tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice
  3. Mix it together and apply this oil on the scalp and leave it as it is for around 3 hours. The lemon will heal dandruff as the oil seeps inside and heal the scalp.
  4. Wash off the hair gently with shampoo. Make sure you wash off the entire oil remains. The citric acid will cause itchiness on the scalp but it is suggested that you should avoid scratching.


Argan oil is a very beneficiary for various problems and one of them is dandruff.

If you are looking for a solution that can help you get rid of dandruff problems then click the link given below.

Argan Oil For Dandruff - Best Products Of The Week - Getuserreviews.com

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