Argan Oil is one of the leading ingredients as well as the leading supplement for hair care. It is one of the best and natural ways to take care of your hair.
What if, this natural miracle of hair will help you realise your dream of colouring your hair? It is true. The new advancements in medical science is have now made it possible to combine the nutrition of argan oil into hair colours.

What Is Argan Oil Hair Colour Work?

The looks of hair colour with the nutrition of argan oil is an excellent way to jazz it up without harming your precious hair. These hair colours are a breakthrough in the field of science as well as cosmetics.

Advanced micro pigments fused with precious argan oils make sure that your hair has that luminous charm that you have. At the same time, they make sure that your hair is safe. It also helps you to deal with different hair care problems like dry scalp and dandruff.

These colours help you get grey coverage, amazing shine and condition the scalp and hair for better results. Argan Oil penetrates deep into the scalp to provide your hair nourishment from the roots, making sure that they nourish and moisture the roots and the hair for smooth and shiny hair.

The low ammonia formula used while making the colour part of these colours. This makes sure that the colour is deep penetrated and gives consistent and long-lasting results. This makes sure that the colour is fade resistant, shiny and vibrant yet true colour. It also provides the colour with a smooth, shiny and silky rich texture.

Benefits Of Using Argan Oil Hair Colour:

The benefits of these colours can be numerous. Here are the few prominent benefits of using these colours.

  • More than 30 different vibrant and natural colours.
  • Low ammonia formula used for the colour part.
  • 100% natural Argan Oil
  • Helps you treat many hair care problems.
  • Silky rich texture of the colour.
  • 100% grey coverage.

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How To Use Argan Oil Hair Colour?

Easy to use is one of the major perks of these colours. You can use this colour all by yourself, without no external help. These colours have a vibrant range of 30 colours which give your hair the shine of your personality.

To use these colours, you have to follow just one simple step – Apply with a bowl and brush or the applicator bottle that came with the package.

Precautions You Need To Take

Before application mix the developer and the colour part in the ratio 1:2. Gentle shake or mix with the help of brush before applying. You can apply 2 times in one tube for most of the colour tube available online. So, read the instructions carefully.

Perform a strand or skin patch test before applying the hair colour as per the instructions of the manufacturers, so that you are sure that the results are what you are expecting. Wait a week or two after getting a straightening or perm service done on your hair for best results.

Thus, Argan Oil Hair Colours is one of the best choices if you have been waiting to style your hair due to the chemicals or other artificial chemicals.

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