Everyone starts going to the gym with the intention of getting in shape, now it could be whether to gain muscle mass and to lose shape. And to achieve their goal people put a lot of effort and dedication, but when they do not see any progress, they slowly lose interest. The real reason why they are not making any progress is that they are not concentrating on their nutrition.

If your goal is to lose weight, then you will not be able to do that unless you eat fewer calories than you are actually burning. Like if you are burning 250 calories every day then you must consume around 1000-1500 calories. And if your goal is to gain muscle then you must consume more calories.

When it comes to consuming calories that does not mean that you can eat whenever and whatever you want. You must consume clean and foods which are packed with nutrition’s require to your body, also you must avoid consuming unhealthy foods.

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Let’s See What Is Essential For Bodybuilding:


You might be thinking how can water help you in bodybuilding, water is very essential for the human body as 70%-80% of our body is made from water. Thus, it is very important that you drink enough water, you must be thinking that you are drinking enough amount of water daily. But according to the recent studies more than half of the people are not consuming enough water, this can lead them to dehydration.

Consuming water will help you with weight loss, lowering cholesterol, eczema, preventing fatigue, improves skin tissues and helps in digestion. You must drink water instead of any other drink because, it is healthier, cheaper, easily available. Water is even better than soda drink which is full of CD2, you should also drink green or herbal teas.

Vegetables And Fruits:

When we were kids, we all have been told to eat more green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit, but often used to avoid it. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamin, minerals and much other nutrition which are important for your body. Just adding a vegetable or a fruit in your daily diet will do many wonders for your health and body. Take your favorite fruits and vegetables and make a salad from them, consume it at least once a day.

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If you ask any bodybuilder how to gain muscle, he will simply say just eat more protein. Whether your goal is muscle building or weight loss; consuming protein will help you in both. According to the latest research, many people are not consuming enough protein, you should consume at least 1 gram of protein per body weight(kg).


Whether you are working out in the gym or working in the office your body requires energy and your body gets energy from the carbs. Many people say that eating carbs makes you fat but that is false, eating a lot of carbs makes you fat. You must eat a specific amount of carbohydrate every day.


Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight, you must pay importance to your diet. For bodybuilding, the most important aspect is diet, thus you should consult with a professional dietitian to get a right diet for yourself.

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