Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means a group of physical, mental, spiritual practices or discipline. Yoga has been originated from ancient India which is date back to its origin from pre-Vedic Indian Traditions. 

According to the Hindu philosophical traditions, it is one of the six orthodox schools.  There are many types of yoga such as Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Raja yoga, etc. In 1980s yoga became a very popular system of physical exercise across the western world.  

Yoga is more than physical exercise, it has a spiritual and meditative core. Containing its own epistemology and metaphysics yoga is closely related to Hindu Samkhya philosophy. So many studies have studied and proved that it has the power to heal and cure many diseases.  

The effectiveness of yoga is a complementary intervention for cancer, asthma, and heart diseases. On December 1, 2016 yoga was listed by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage.   

How Does Yoga Help In Weight Loss? 

Yoga which is listed below for weight loss sequence is designed to reunite you with not just your abs but your mindful core. It helps to connect your breathe and build your core as well as body strength. It also helps to burn calories and tone your body.  

Prasarita Padottanasana

It is also known as a wide-legged forward bend. If you do this asana properly you will feel a strong stretch in the hamstrings. This will help to reduce the fats in your legs and lower abdomen.  


  1. Widen your legs and bend forward slowly. 
  2. Hold up to 5 to 6 breaths. Do not hold if you are getting cramps as soon as you bend down. 
  3. Try to hold a correct posture. Doing it in front of the mirror will help.  

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Ardha Naukasana

This is also known as half boat pose. This asana will help to reduce your tummy fats. While doing this asana if you do it properly you will feel the pressure in your belly and lower abdomen. It also helps to increase the core strength.  


  1. Raise your legs first and raise your arms when you feel balanced. Your arms and legs must be parallel with the ground.  
  2. Put your palms down on the ground for balance.  
  3. Hold up to 30 seconds.  
  4. If your abs muscle is burning then you’re doing it right.  


Utkatasana is also known as chair pose. This basically focuses on your back and legs. It will tone your butt and thigh muscle and also helps in relieving back pains.  


  1. Keep your feet together and lower into squatting. 
  2. Your hands must be above you.  
  3. Try to tuck your hips in slightly 
  4. Hold it for 30 seconds initially and you can increase day by day.  

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This helps in increasing your balance and focus. Stretching in your thighs, groins, torso and shoulders can be felt. It helps in increasing the strength of your ankle and thighs.  


  1. Stand straight and make your left foot to rest on your right thigh.  
  2. Keep your hand pressed together above your head. ‘ 
  3. Do not bend your back, keep it straight.  
  4. Hold this position for 30 to 40 seconds.  

These are basic yoga poses for weight loss which is very easy to practice. They not only reduce your weight but also helps in many ways like reducing your back aches, increase your strength, focus etc.   

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