Are you one of those who always wanted to grow long hair but didn’t know how to maintain it? Or maybe, someone who’s fighting it hard to have a well-nourished hair at least? To help you with all such problems, here are some of the best hair care methods:

Brush Your Hair

You should brush your hair at least twice a day. Always brush your hair after you take a bath. In case, if you have knots and tangles in your hair brushing your hair when it’s wet will help you to sort it efficiently. Also, brush it once before going to bed. Brushing your hair regularly will strengthen your roots as it provides more blood circulation to the scalp.

Daily Hair Care Routine - Best Products Of The Week -

Shampoo Your Hair

Mens’ hair is very short as compared to the women’s’ and washing it regularly will wash off the natural oils from the scalp. Therefore, it is recommended that men should not wash their hair daily. The presence of this natural oil helps to keep your scalp moist and also strengthens the hair. And the absence of it will cause dandruff which is not a good sign of healthy hair.

Washing period of hair depends upon what type of hair it is:

  • Fine hair: Wash your hair twice a week.
  • Normal hair: Washing a normal hair thrice a day will enhance it and make it even strong.
  • Oily hair: If you notice your hair to be oily after you’ve shampooed it, then maybe you need to shampoo your hair daily.
  • Thick hair: Depending on the texture of the hair you should wash it every alternate day or maybe try doing it thrice a week.

How to shampoo your hair

  • Take a pea size or dim size shampoo in your hand and apply it on the wet hair. Apply this to the root of the hair and gently massage it for a minute. Once it’s done, rinse it off completely with cold water.
  • Also, change your shampoo in every 3-4 months as once your hair gets used to this shampoo, it reduces the effectiveness of it.  

Conditioning Your Hair

You are supposed to use a conditioner after you shampoo your hair. But, it is not a wise choice to use a conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. If you’re someone who uses a shampoo more than thrice a week you should use a conditioner only twice a week.

How to use a conditioner:

Take little amount of conditioner on your palm and apply it to the tip of your hair in a wet hair. Avoid applying it to the roots of your hair unless it is mentioned in the package of the product. Wash your hair until you see plain water dripping off your.

Daily Hair Care Routine - Best Products Of The Week -

Oil Your Hair

As we discussed earlier, oil is essential for your hair growth. It keeps your scalp moist and makes your hair strong. Therefore, to obtain such benefits it is suggested to apply oil your hair that may help you maintain good hair.

How many times should you apply oil?

  • Thick hair: Apply it twice a week for nearly 4-6 hours.
  • Oily hair: Now that you have an oily hair already, it would be enough to apply oil twice a week for 2-4 hours.
  • Normal hair: Apply it thrice a week for 4-6 hours.
  • Fine hair: For such type of hair it is suggested to oil your hair every alternate day for 3-4 hours. But, if you cannot do it on every alternate day, do it at least thrice a week.

Hair Products

Today, we have numerous hair products available on the market that keep you wondering which one to use. But, wait! Do you even need that?

Applying hair product keeps your hair set for a long period of time which cannot be achievable without it. But, use it as less as possible, as using it more often will damage your hair and reduce its strength. Not only that, it will also leave your hair dry and itchy that will irritate you on a daily basis.

And not just hair, if you do not take proper care of your beard, it will cause some negative effects and will also cause beard dandruff. Trust me, you would never want to have that.

Therefore, to take proper measures to take care of your hair, many hair care products are available online which are 100% natural and using which will cause no negative effect on your hair rather strengthen it.

Daily Hair Care Routine - Best Products Of The Week -