How Much Do Dentists Cost For Teeth Whitening Treatment? 

We all are familiar with the varied methods used for teeth whitening. Various procedures and methods are available in the market claiming teeth whitening. But, what if I have to opt for a treatment for it? How much will it cost? Is it a brave option to opt for a treatment?  

This article will exactly help you to know the kind of treatments dentists offer for teeth whitening. Also, how much dentists cost for teeth whitening treatment. Also, it will help you to know whether it is a good and safe option or not. 

What Are The Types Of Treatment That Dentists Offer? 

Dentists offer 2 types of treatments :  

  1. In-Office Teeth Whitening 
  2. Dentists take-home trays 

In-Office Teeth Whitening  

There are several methods of teeth whitening included in In-Office teeth whitening method. This procedure gives faster results. The bleaching solution that is used by the dentists is much stronger than the solution in home-kits. Also, laser treatments are used and heat is used for it.

For normal bleaching method, the dentist will first do your cleaning test. Then he will put a retractor in your mouth to expose your teeth. Nextly, he will apply a protective gel over the gums so that it doesn’t cause any irritation because of the hydrogen peroxide and bleach. Then he will apply the hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel and will perform certain whitening sessions. This procedure carries three to five sessions and hence you need to visit the clinic regularly. The session usually lasts for 30-40 minutes. 

Laser treatments are also performed that requires minimum 5-6 sessions. The treatment starts with the application of a bleaching gel over the teeth. A specialized lighting system is passed that activates the bleaching gel and renders whitening of the teeth. The procedure is a 1-hour session and you will be able to achieve 8-10 shades whiter teeth than your original teeth. 

This might cost you around $400 to $1000. 

Dentists Take Home Trays 

Your dentist may give you trays which you can use at home. Generally, a mouth-guard like a tray is fitted on your mouth that is filled with peroxide-based gel or paste. You need to place it over the teeth for several hours and four days a week. They will cost you $300 to $500. 

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On What Basis Costs Of Dentists For Teeth Whitening Treatment Are Determined? 

There are certain factors on which the costs of the treatments are based on. General costs are already mentioned above that are charged by the dentists. Below are some of the factors: 

  • Which dentist you have appointed? 
  • Dentists location? 
  • The intensity of your teeth to be treated? 
  •  Your level of tooth discoloration? 

There are also various sites available that render cheap or pocket-friendly treatments.
 Besides this, there are also various over-the-counter solutions that can be used for teeth whitening. Also, there are many home-kits available to you. They are cheaper than these treatments and will give you almost the same result. 



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