Treating elevated enzymes 101

Enzymes in our body are secreted to ease and accelerate the processes of the body. These enzymes act as catalysts in the reactions that take place in different organs of the body. When two elements of the body react to each other, the enzyme fastens the process, giving out faster products. These enzymes also help the body act in decorum, therefore the functions of the body are interconnected to each other. 

These enzymes are made of protein molecules. They are present in all living things that need to function to stay alive. These enzymes are formed from condensed amino acids.

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Enzymes in the liver: 

  • Alanine Transaminase: ALT was formally called serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase. It is found in plasma and other body tissues, but most mainly in the liver. The content of ALT is commonly measured to benchmark the liver health. Although fluctuations of ALT levels are normal during a day if the ALT level has been high for longer than a few days then it may evaluate to an unhealthy liver. 
  • Aspartate Transaminase: it is associated with parenchymal cells of the liver.AST is also found in the heart, brain, skeletal muscles as well as the kidneys. Measuring AST gives more specific results of the rate of inflammations in the liver. However, an increase in AST could also reflect pathology in other organs such as heart, kidney or the brain. 
  • Alkaline phosphatase: in humans, it is found in many organs with many different plays an important role in the metabolic function of the liver. Due to its wide presence in the body, it is used as a marker for measuring the health of the liver. A diagnosis such as hepatitis or osteomalacia can be found with the help of ALP. 
  • Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase: this acts as an acceptor for amino acids, a peptide and also water. It helps in xenobiotic detoxification. This enzyme is found in many tissues, but most significantly in the liver. GGT is also a diagnostic marker for the elevated liver enzyme. Latent elevation in GGT is typically in seen patients with chronic viral hepatitis infections that usually take 12 or months to show themselves. 

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Elevated Liver Enzyme Treatment - Best Seller Of The Week -

What causes them to elevated? 

Elevated liver enzymes mean that there is an unexpected increase in the levels of the liver enzymes that could indicate of inflammations in the liver tissues.  

In the liver when the calls get damaged, they start leaking these particular enzymes, resulting in elevated enzymes in the liver.  

  • Fatty liver disease: the liver gets filled with fatty tissues, therefore damaging the healthy liver tissues. 
  • Metabolic malfunction: all the factors that keep your heart at risk also risk the liver. When the metabolic malfunction occurs in the liver, the enzymes get elevated. 
  • Excess intake of drugs and alcohol could also cause elevated liver enzymes. 
  • Hepatitis: inflammation and swelling of the liver. 

Cirrhosis: dead cells that fill the liver, also affect other healthy cells causing inflammation and end elevated liver enzymes. 

Elevated Liver Enzyme Treatments: 

The treatments include prevention of drugs and alcohol. It also comprises of a detox diet. The doctor could also prescribe medicines that help cure the damaged tissues of the liver. Exercise and diet control is also suggested for people with elevated enzymes.  

If the enzyme levels still remain elevated, one could get more tests done with the recommendation of their physician. Going to a liver specialist could be helpful.  

To avoid elevated liver enzymes, one should keep their weight in controlled and eat healthy. as well as decrease the intake of alcohol. 

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Elevated Liver Enzyme Treatment - Best Seller Of The Week -


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