Irritated By Allergies? You Might Find Essential Oils Useful.

Most of us suffer from one allergy or the other. Constantly recurring seasonal allergies are really irritating for some people. Although these allergies don’t have a permanent cure, they can be kept at bay with the help of some natural medicines. One of these natural medicines is essential oils. These essential oils can be used to cure some common skin or seasonal allergies like eczema and dermatitis. Other skin allergies include rashes and redness of the skin, itchiness due to direct contact through some unsuitable substances, etc. Seasonal allergies arrive in winters or summers or fall due to a couple of factors. Some seasonal allergies like runny nose and chest congestion can be prevented or reduced with the help of essential oils

Let’s see which essential oils are useful to treat such kinds of allergies :

  • Frankincense oil

This essential oil contains anti-inflammatory properties which can prevent bronchitis. It can also be useful to cure asthma or treat sinus infections. Thus, some seasonal allergies can be cured with the help of frankincense oil.

  • Eucalyptus oil

Using this oil as a blend with other essential oils like sandalwood and frankincense oil, various respiratory symptoms can be kept at bay. Eucalyptus oil has antimicrobial and antiviral properties which can help to treat bacterial and viral infections quite rapidly.

  • Peppermint oil

This oil can be used to cure or prevent constant coughing. Along with this, peppermint oil can also be combined with a carrier oil and be used to prevent a number of skin allergies. Along with this, peppermint oil is also known to cure a blocked nose. Not only this, peppermint oil is a natural soother. It can be applied or rashes or irritated skin to reduce irritability.

  • Lemon oil

Lemon oil can be used to ease congestion and blocked noses. It is proven that lemon essential oil can be used as a nasal spray to cure allergic rhinitis which is a seasonal infection or irritation of the nose. It can be inhaled through a diffuser or vaporizer to boost your energy and to soothe your mind.  

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  • Tea tree oil

This oil is quite famous to reduce inflammation. It also prevents bacterial, or fungal infections. If this oil is being used, you must make sure that it is only used topically and not ingested. Ingestion of tea tree oil might induce other allergies.

  • Chamomile oil

Chamomile is known to provide relief to various allergies like itching, redness and rashes. It is an anti-inflammatory oil which means it can be used to treat rashes and swellings and other skin conditions. It is also used by patients who suffer from eczema.

  • Lavender oil  

Lavender oil is used for multiple purposes. From inducing sleep to treating skin infections, it can be useful for all. Apart from this, lavender oil can be combined with other carrier oils and inhaled or topically used. This can help to cure skin allergies or heal the skin that is already affected by some allergy.

Essential oils are indeed 100% natural. However, you should seek medical consultation before using any of these directly on your skin or before ingestion as some of them might not suit your body. This can further trigger more allergic systems. Hence, if you be careful, these oils can help you drive those allergies away!

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