Essential Oils – Your Savior

Essential oils are getting popular every day, as their various properties are getting revealed. It is true that people are using them for multiple purposes and this is benefitting so many of us.

Anxiety issues have become the most common emotional health disorders. Hence, it has become a necessity to ward them off our heads. For this, essential oils have been of effective use. Inhaling them through aromatherapy or using them like bath bombs, essential oils have become the need of the hour.

Find out in this article, how essential oils are useful to treat anxiety disorders…

How Do They Work?

Various essential oils are famous for their fragrances. No wonder why they are the primary elements in perfumery. Apart from perfumery and soap making, they can also be used for aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the inhalation of diluted essential oils through a steamer or a vaporizer. It is scientifically proven that people are preferring aromatherapy over the expensive medical treatments to cure anxiety.

Essential oils when inhaled, stimulate the nasal receptors so that the calming reagents present in them can travel directly to the brain. Thus they start controlling our nervous system and reduce anxiety and depression.

Their incredible smell not only soothes our nerves but also helps us make peace with depressing thoughts. Cool, isn’t it?

Types Of Essential Oils That Can Treat Anxiety

Several essential oils have been used for centuries to treat depression and cure anxiety issues. The advanced science and medical technology have proved about the great effect essential oils have on your nervous system. Here, for your information, we have listed our few favorite essential oils that let our thought sink in…

  • Lavender Essential Oil :

Lavender oil is a famous oil that claims to heal the soul. Its soothing fragrance bring in a sense of positivity in us and it also stimulates our nervous system to produce good energy.

  • Rose Essential Oil :

Who doesn’t like the fragrance of rose, eh? It is not only a messenger of love but also a messenger of peace and relief. Why? Because it has calming agents that soothe our nerves during chaos in our mind. The pedicures that you get done in the salon are effective because of the rose petals and rose oil added to them. You can also use it as a moisturizer for relaxing effects.

  • Chamomile Oil :

Apart from treating eczema, chamomile oil is also a great choice for aromatherapy. It is either inhaled or can be massaged on the skin along with a carrier oil. It has a sweet fragrance and you will definitely end up loving it!

  • Sweet Basil :

This essential oil has phenol compounds in it which make it a wonderful stress buster. It relieves you from pain and has a soothing effect when rubbed on your skin.

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  • Jasmine Oil :

Jasmine oil has stimulators that can help to alleviate your mood and boost your energy. It has been traditionally used to cure anxiety in many parts of the world.

  • Geranium Oil :

Apart from balancing hormones, this oil has the potential to bring in positive energy and optimistic thoughts. It has a sweet smell which is almost similar to roses.

  • Frankincense Oil :

It has a sweet and soothing aroma that can uplift your mood. Along with that it can also ease pain and make you feel optimistic.

These are a few essential oils that can bring you back into the mood. Make sure you take a whiff of a safe essential oil which suits your system. Not all of them can be directly inhaled. Enjoy your time in the bath with these oils or you can also rub a few drops on your pillow to have a peaceful sleep.  


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