What Are Quick Home Remedies to Get Rid Of A Cold?

The common cold is a condition suffered by people at some or the other point in a person’s life. A viral infection is the cause of most of the cold. Though there can be many other causes to it. This is a short term problem and it can be cured within 3-4 days usually. On might not feel the need to visit the doctor. So how does one get rid of the problem?

There are many home remedies which are beneficial for treating cold. One of the very common home remedies used for treating the common cold is essential oils. These oils are rich in medicinal properties. They have numerous anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-viral elements which help fight infections and viruses. Some of the very commonly used essential oils are eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, etc. There are a lot of other benefits and uses of essential oils but they differ according to the purpose.

 Symptoms One Might Observe During Cold

To get wind more about it let’s first understand what are the symptoms of a cold. 

  • High Temperature and Fever – Usually when you have a fever you always feel hot and sweaty. This is because when a person suffers from cold his body tends to produce heat in the body. Generation of heat leads to maintaining the temperature of the body which drops due to the virus. One can experience a temperature of up to 100°F or higher.
  • Headache – This is a very common symptom of a cold. It is occurred due to the congestion caused inside the nasal tract. During cold body often releases the molecules called cytokines. These molecules are the major reason for the cause of headaches.
  • Sore Muscles or Stuffiness – All these are the conditions suffered during extreme cold. One might face problems like nasal congestion, swelling of muscles around the area of the nose.
  • Sneezing – People usually sneeze a lot when they suffer from cold. Continuous sneezing can lead to tiredness and fatigue.
  • Cough or Sore Throat – Due to the excess generation of the mucus in the nose. Sometimes a condition occurs that the excess mucus goes back to your throat. This causes a condition where one might get a sore throat or cough.

All these were common symptoms one might face during a cold. Essential oils are proved to be very beneficial during a cold.

Benefits Of Various Essential Oils

Eucalyptus Oil-

This oil has been used for years to treat colds. It is rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Due to which it helps fight infections and viruses. The oil has a very strong aroma which is very refreshing. It breaks down the mucus and clears your nasal passage. The refreshing aroma calms down your mind and cures headaches.

Cinnamon Oil –

This oil is very commonly used as a spice in cooking. Cinnamon oil is responsible for infusing the proper circulation of blood in the body. Due to which it detoxifies the body and improves health. During cold cinnamon oil works as a great anti-inflammatory agent to get rid of sore throat.

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Tea Tree Oil-

It is responsible for inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria. Tea tree oil is believed to have rich anti-inflammatory compounds present in it. This helps relieve stuffiness of the nose and clears respiratory tract, which leads to improved respiration.

Peppermint Oil-

Menthol present in peppermint creates a cooling sensation in the nose when inhaled. This can help relax muscles and improve breathing. It also has an amazing scent which relaxes the mind and cures headache. Peppermint oil is a great pain reliever as it reduces inflammation caused due to congestion.

Ginger Essential Oil-

Ginger is quite famous for colds. It quickly reduces inflammation and clears sore throat. People prefer to drink ginger tea to get rid of cold. It can also reduce fever and fight from infections.

Lemongrass Oil-

This oil has a very refreshing aroma which uplifts one’s mood. Due to this great quality if the oil it can uplift fatigue and is an excellent relaxing agent.

There are also other essential oils one can use to solve problems occurred due to cold. But the above essential oils can be easily found and used. Right knowledge regarding how to use these essential oils might help you get rid of cold. It also has other additional health benefits. Due to its no side effects, it is a very effective major to treat diseases. Essential oils are a very natural and safe method to get rid of cold.


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