Top 9 Essential Oils For Dogs, How To Use, Precautions

What Are The Best Essential Oils For Dogs? 

We always see our own safety… but then who will care for your four-legged friend? Do you know there are ways to treat your friend from different problems through the super master?— Essential Oils. But there are many questions about which oil is the best for the dogs? And what precautions should be taken while using them? How to apply such oils? There’s a solution to all worries. This article will educate you about the various oils that are beneficial, how to use and what precautions you should take while doing so. 

So, let’s start with which are the best? 

What Essential Oils Are Best For Dogs? 

There are 9 oils that are super duper cool for dogs. They are: 

Spearmint Oil 

This miraculous oil gives your pet soothing benefits. This oil helps your pet to encourage weight loss and helps in addressing issues like diarrhea and colic. It also helps to mitigate all the gastrointestinal problems that are faced by your four-legged friend. A small of diluted oil can help your pet in balancing the metabolism and boosting gallbladder. 

Frankincense Oil 

Frankincense Oil is an all-around cancer treatment oil for pets. If your pet is suffering from any kind of cancer, then you can consult your vet about it and discuss the use of this oil. This oil also helps your pet with problems like anxiety, external ulcers, tumors and helps in strengthening the immune system. 

Lemongrass Oil 

This oil is high in citrus and geraniol content and hence it helps to repel flies, insects, fleas, etc. This oil helps to improve the skin conditions of your pet as well. Adding 2-3 drops on the coat or wear of your pet helps to gain good benefits. 

Lavender Oil 

Lavender Oil is helpful for the dogs to get rid off allergies like fear during a car ride or car ride anxiety. This oil helps to treat the problem of insomnia. It soothes the central nervous system of the dog makes it feel relaxed. The oil helps to slow down the hyperactivity. 

Cedarwood Oil 

Cedarwood Oil also repels insects, fleas, etc. This oil has a den of benefits for dogs as it has antiseptic properties and is useful to cure the cough that is caused in the kennel or lungs. It helps to boost blood circulation and serves as a calming tonic for your pet. 

Citronella Oil 

This oil is also used to repel insects, fleas, mosquitos, etc. especially Aedes Aegypti which causes Yellow fever. This oil can be used as same as Lemongrass by applying it on the coat and massaging. 

Cardamom Oil 

It is the oil that is considered safe for the children as well as dogs. This oil helps to balance the gastrointestinal balance, ease indigestion and pacify stomach upsets. It also solves respiratory issues of your dog, if any. 

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Helichrysum Oil 

This oil is meant for healing. It has antiseptic properties and hence is used over open cuts, wounds, stomach ache, scars, bruises, etc. 

Roman Chamomile 

Roman Chamomile is used for relieving muscle pain and muscle soreness. The best way to use this oil is to diffuse it in the air. This helps to not only relieve your muscles but also helps to relax all types of cramps. Dogs those who suffer from joint pains or puppies who have pain while teething, this oil relaxes all those types of pain. 

How To Use Essential Oils On Puppies? 

There are three ways to use essential oils on dogs. Before, practicing any of the methods first educate yourself with proper instructions so that the method doesn’t cause any harm to your pet. 

Aromatically: This method consists of diffusion of the essential oils in the air by nebulizers or by water diffusion.  

Topical Application: This method doesn’t mean the direct application of them to your dog’s skin. You should never apply the oil directly. You can apply it on the coat, bed or the area your dog roams.  

Internal Application: This method uses food or capsule in which some amount of essential oil is present and given to the dogs. 


  • Always dilute the oil and then apply. 
  • Use organic essential oils to avoid any further adverse effect. 
  • Start with less amount and then slowly increase the intake. 
  • Do not let your pet lick the bottle of oil or touch it. 
  • Before using any oil for your pet, first, discuss with your vet. 
  • Read the instructions of the method and then follow. 


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