Home Remedies for Foot Fungus. 

What is Foot Fungus? 

Usually, foot fungus is seen in the toe area. Also called an athlete’s foot this is a fungal skin infection wherein one’s toe gets itchy and scaly. This rash can cause you irritation and painfulness or even burning sensations. For some people, Foot Fungus can also lead to ulcers and blisters which are very painful. Thankfully foot fungus can be easily cured with home treatment and counter remedies which helps in getting rid of this infection. Here are some of the home treatment ways through which you can treat it: 


The most used ingredient in the kitchen is also helpful in many other ways. Garlic helps a lot to get rid of foot fungal infection. This ingredient has always been used for medicinal and thus it had a lot of benefits.

How to use it?
Soak your foot the warm water which contains 5-6 garlic cloves. As we know garlic has antibacterial properties and hence soaking your feet in garlic water will let your feet feel better. Soak your foot for at least half an hour. 

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Baking soda:

Baking Soda is one the most used ingredient for many medicinal usages and easily available in any market. It also has antifungal properties which can be useful for treating Foot Fungus. You can also make a paste with water and baking soda and apply it to the required area.
How to use it? 
Mix about a half cup of baking soda in warm water. Keep it for 20 minutes twice a day for like 2 weeks. When you are done soaking pat it with a dry cloth and do not rinse it with water. 

Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil is a natural anti-fungal anti-septic oil which is usually used for cleaning stuff. It is also called Melaleuca oil which is used for treating many skin issues.it is also used in treating dandruff, acne, lice. Bites any many more infections. Mixing coconut oil as a carrier can also be helpful.
How to use it? 
First of all, cleanse the affected area and apply it to the infected area. Let it soak for like 10 minutes and then rum it off. Repeat this activity daily until you find some improvements in it. 

Hydrogen Peroxide:

This element can eliminate fungus with constant use of it. It can be painful or even sting, some small bubbles will appear if you have an open wound. It will be visible as a while frothy thing with bubbles which is where you will understand it cleaning the area.
How to use it? 
Pour it directly to the required area of infection. It will bubble and pain a little. Pour this for at least two times in a day, till you wound it dried and the fungal infection subsides. 

Rubbing Alcohol:

It very much similar than Hydrogen Peroxide. This compound is used mostly used as a cleansing agent.
How to use it?
Apply it to the infected area, or else use while bathing by using 70% percent alcohol and 30% of water. Use it every day for 30 minutes. 

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Home Remedies for Foot Fungus. 
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