Look And Feel Good On The Outside Too. 

It a new era of beauty and gadgets going hand in hand. This is where people need not worry about their look but only fix it with the help of technology. A lot of women feel helped with the ongoing trends and fashion which help them to look flawless and elegant even during everyday chores. 

Eyelashes have a lot to do in order to define your eyes. Dense eyelashes make your eyes look good and bigger. It gives it a prominent look and defines it more. 

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How To Put On False Eyelashes - Best Seller Of The Week - getuserreviews.com

What Are False Eyelashes? 

False eyelashes are usually used to show density in the eyelashes. They are normally used in order to give a prominent look to your eyes and make it look bigger. Fake eyelashes are usually of different types such as strip eyelashes, flare extensions, single eyelashes, and magnetic eyelashes. 

How To Use False Eyelashes? 

Apply mascara: Start with cleaning your eyelashes totally so that there is no residue left and then apply mascara to lengthen your eyelashes totally. Curl your eyelashes with the mascara.  

Cut the eyelash according to the preferred size: Depending upon the eyelash you can cut the eyelash down to your preferred size. Make sure you cut if from the broader end and not the narrow end as it may look like piece cut if it is cut from the narrow end. 

Add Adhesive: Use a proper eyelash adhesive to adhere to the eyelash properly to the line. Do not apply a lot of glue to the eyelash as it might make it look messy. There are different types of adhesive used, choose the preferred one as per the occasion and apply a little to the eyelash band. You can even apply it directly over your eyelash line and then stick the fake eyelash to it. Then press it over slightly with the help of a tweezer or a makeup brush. Make sure that your false eyeliner is aligned properly to the eyelash line. 

Touch ups: Apply mascara again if you want, to make it look darker and then you are ready with you classy look. If the seam or the last band is visible cover it with the help of mascara or use some eyeliner over it. 

Semi-Permanent vs DUO Adhesive. 

People are more confused about which adhesive to choose rather than the type of false lashes. This is because there are two adhesives to choose from. 

Semi-permanent: this adhesive is used in particular for individual lashes. You can use it to stick individual lashes to your natural lash line to give it an appearance of fuller natural eyelashes. An important thing to remember is to avoid letting the adhesive come in contact with your skin. You can use a simple makeup remover to get it off. 

Latex based or DUO adhesive: this adhesive is most used quite often in strip lashes. You can use them for individual lashes too however, this is only possible if you are attaching them to your lash line. 

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How To Put On False Eyelashes - Best Seller Of The Week - getuserreviews.com

Black Glue Vs Clear Glue 

No matter which adhesive you choose at the end of the day, make sure you follow the instructions given to the T. this way, you can avoid any possible mistakes. 

Another thing that boggles people’s mind is on what color should their adhesive be. It is not so much the quality or the performance as it is about the situation. You can choose either if these adhesives keeping in mind what you need them for. 

Black glue adhesive is great for when you are using black mascara or black eyeliner. It seamlessly blends into the eye and shows no traces of the false lashes. Since it is dark in color, one cannot differentiate the band of the lashes from the original lash line. 

Clear glue adhesive, on the other hand, is translucent and pretty much goes with every eye look. However, having said that, clear glue is known to dry down shiny and tends to stand out from the natural lash line. Don’t worry, as there is a quick fix for this. You can just go over the band with a colorful eyeliner or eyeshadow to matte it down. This will make it harder to identify and give you a fierce look. 

How To Clean The False Eyelashes. 

Ingredients that you need to clean your false eyelashes:  

Makeup remover, it would be better if it specifically designed to remove eye makeup. 

  • Rubbing alcohol. 
  • Cotton balls. 
  • Q-tip. 
  • Tweezers.  
  • A towel to dry. 

Directions To False Eyelashes. 

  1. Wash your hands under clean tap water. Use a mild soap to get rid of any impurities or chemicals. This step is important as you don’t want to touch your eye with dirty hands. It may cause an eye infection. 
  2. Pat dry with a clean towel. 
  3. Apply makeup remover over a cotton swab and press it over the eyelash. It is important to remember not to use an oil-based makeup remover when removing false eyelashes 
  4. Firmly take a hold of your eyelashes with your thumb and forefinger. Be gentle and pull the band away. It should come off easily. 
  5. Take another cotton pad and soak it an oil-free makeup remover. Move the cotton swab on the fake eyelashes in a gentle motion so as to not tear off the lashes. Make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned on both sides and that you get the adhesive strip off as well. 
  6. Finally, go over the strip with a little bit of rubbing alcohol. This will disinfect the lash strip and make it ready for further use. 


  • Are False Eyelashes Waterproof?
    It depends on the brand and the glue that is used while applying the eyelashes. If the glue or the adhesive used is waterproof then there are chances for the lashes to sustain for a longer period of time. Use a waterproof glue in order to keep the eyelashes on point.  
  • Will Fake eyelashes ruin real eyelashes?
    No, the false eyelashes, in fact, protect the real ones from getting destroyed or damaged. The false eyelashes are placed over the eyelash line and not totally of the real eyelashes, an adhesive is used to keep them intact.  
  • Can Fake eyelashes Reusable?
    Yes, these lashes can be used again if they are clean thoroughly with the help of makeup remover and then apply alcohol in it to clean it properly. After cleaning the lashes let them dry for a bit and then you can use it again. 
  • Are Fake eyelashes harmful?
    No. false eyelashes are comparatively safe than any other eyelash extensions. They do not cause any irritation or harm to the eye or the real eyelashes. All you have to do it apply some glue and stick it over the eyelid. 

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How To Put On False Eyelashes - Best Seller Of The Week - getuserreviews.com