Is Fish Oil A Blood Thinner?

It is not possible that all the vitamins and minerals needed for the body can be available all at one place during the same time. Fishes are not available in all the seasons and to maintain a balanced diet it is necessary to consume of the portion of nutrients equally. Which is why components like fish oil seem to be helpful for providing the nutrient of the whole fish. Apart from that fish oil has many other benefits such as providing energy and increasing the metabolism level of human beings.

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What is Fish Oil? 

Fish oil is mostly used by the people who cannot consume fish on a regular basis and in order to keep their diet balanced. It basically extracted from the fish which contain more of fats such as anchovies, mackerels, and tuna. Fish oil is one of the major sources of omega-3 fatty acids usually extracted from the blood tissue of the fishes. Around 30 percent of fish oil is made from omega-3 fatty acids and the rest is made from other fats. People who do not get to eat fish can include fish oil in their diet to balance it. 

Is Fish Oil A Blood Thinner? 

Consuming fish oil has become very usual and it is available anywhere in the market. Due to the increasing use of fish oil in our day to day to day lives one should not ignore the benefits of it.  Fish oil helps tremendously in fighting all the chronic and cardiovascular diseases. Also, the omega-3 fats found in this oil helps in reducing inflammation and keeps control over your cholesterol. Apart from these benefits’ omega-3 fatty acids are also used for clotting and thinning of the blood. 

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Is Fish Oil A Blood Thinner - Best Seller Of The Week -

What Are The Advantages of Blood Thinning? 

Sometimes blood thinning can be a problem for decreasing the ability to not form clots. But on the other hand, fish oil’s ability to lessen the density helps in reducing the risk of diseases such as thrombosis and factor V Leiden. Thrombosis is a disease in which your blood starts clotting in blood vessels leading to stop the blood flow through the circulatory system. The usual symptoms of thrombosis are pain and swelling. While in factor V Leiden clotting of blood is observed due to inherited mutation of the blood’s factor V protein. Hence thinning of blood helps in curing such diseases and it is also seen to be helping in decreasing the risk of strokes. 

What Are The Risk Factors In Thinning Of Blood? 

In some cases, thinning of the blood can cause dangerous risks which are not desired by anyone. People with the bleeding disorder may lead to worsening their condition with the addition of blood thinning effect of fish oil. It is not recommended by the experts to consume fish oil if you are going through any fish oil medications. Medicines like clopidogrel and other blood-thinning pills can let to decrease the body’s ability to clot a wound. 


Thus, we can conclude by saying consuming fish oil is good for improving your energy level but when it starts affecting your blood it should be consumed within the given amount. Also, fish oil should not be consumed with other blood thinning medicines. 

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Is Fish Oil A Blood Thinner - Best Seller Of The Week -

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Is Fish Oil A Blood Thinner?
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