So you have been on the keto diet and it has been over a couple of weeks and you have noticed no change in your body weight. Or you just lost a tiny bit of weight and you have a long way to go. So what can you do to accelerate keto? And what might be the reasons that keto might not be working for you? In this article, we will hopefully make you more comfortable and not worry.

So let’s jump into it.

Not Losing Weight In Keto

  1. You Don’t Get Enough Physical Activity

    It is crucial that you get some form of exercise, light or heavy, for any kind of weight loss to work. If you sit on the couch the entire day and expect keto to work, then it won’t. Not only that but until the process of ketosis starts, you should be exercising to ensure that this metabolic state is achieved as quickly as possible.
    Not exercising or getting lower-than-expected physical exercise means that you are not giving your body the extra push it needs to get into ketosis. Considering the fact that you are trying to lose weight but are not really putting any efforts towards it is really a bummer!
    You DON’T have to go to the gym, but taking a stroll at the beach or at the park in the morning and the evening will not hurt you and will help you.

  2. You Stress Out Too Much & Don’t Sleep Properly

    It has been validated by several research papers that if you do not get the proper amount of sleep, then it won’t help you losing weight. Sleep is a crucial state for your metabolism and you shouldn’t compromise on it. Additionally, if you stress out, it releases a hormone called cortisol which further worsens your ability to lose weight.

  3. You’re Constantly Munching Foods

    Dividing your meals into smaller parts is an excellent way to allow your body to process and digest the food. And it also helps with you not staying hungry for a long time. The problem is when you do this too often, then it itself becomes the threat that you were trying to get away from.
    What can you do? Well, you can start by cutting down the number of snacks you consume. Also, check the calories that you consume in these snacks. It may turn out that they might be the culprit!

  4. You Have A Medical Issue, Probably:

    Undiagnosed medical issues pose a severe threat to lifestyle and affect every aspect of life. We are not saying that you might have a specific disease or condition, but is generally a good idea to get the medical issues out of the way of your diet and your weight loss journey.
    Typical conditions that can inhibit weight loss process are PCOS, depression, hyperinsulinemia, hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, etc. it is better for you to get checked rather than wait for the bad news to arrive later when the extent of condition is far more critical than anyone would like.

    Not Losing Weight In Keto

  5. Eating Too Many Carbs

    The point of being in a keto diet is to survive off fats and not carbs. The 5% carbs that are included is to make sure that the muscle building activity takes place without any hindrance. But you should by no means binge on carbs as it will put your body’s metabolic process back to glycolysis and hence, you will not experience weight loss.

  6. Not Eating Enough Nutrition

    The importance of having a nutritious diet has been emphasized way too much and it is so because it is important for the body to receive its fair share of nutrients to function optimally. If you eat only one type of foods and not make sure that the entire spectrum of nutrients is not covered, then you might be not giving your body just what it needs.
    Start by analyzing what you eat and their constituents and find out missing components in other foods.

  7. You Expect Too Much..?

    Last but not least, you might be expecting way too much out of your keto diet. For different people, keto works differently, but it definitely works.
    If you look at the stories of several people, some people may only lose 15 lbs in their first month, but others may have lost 20 or even 30 lbs. So do not stress out over the fact that you have not lost 30 lbs just because someone else has. Every small step is still a good step towards success and fitness.

Not Losing Weight In Keto


If you find out that any of these points apply to you, then do not hesitate to seek help. Remember to chill out and the fact that everyone is not made equally. Not everyone gets into the state of keto within a month. People also give in to their cravings and get back to eating carbs and its ok to do that. Just remember that it will be just as difficult for them to get back into keto as it is for you.


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Not Losing Weight In Keto
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