Slightly Elevated Liver Enzymes Symptoms.

Enzymes are the protein molecules which already exist in the cell and they help in rushing the process of many biochemical reactions going on in our body. These enzymes are categorized according to the region where they work and hence, they are called a highly selective catalyst. Which is why liver enzymes help in speeding the process and chemical reactions related to the liver. 

The liver is considered to be the largest organ in the body and obtains an interesting ability to regenerate. The main task of the liver to purify and filter blood reaching the digestive tracts 

Before it could pass through the rest of the body. Also, it helps in secretion of bile juice and other juices such as bilirubin, good cholesterol, and other hormones. Liver with the help of vitamin K can help in clotting of the blood. 

What Are Slightly Elevated Liver Enzymes? 

When the liver has more amount of liver enzymes than the normal value it is said too dangerous. Elevated liver enzymes occur when there is some kind of damage done to the liver. When the liver gets damaged more amount of enzymes are secreted. 

The Four Different Types Of Enzymes Are? 

  • Aspartate transaminase (AST): It is basically related to the work of the liver with heart and spinal cord. Some of this enzyme is also found in muscles and usually secreted for repairing the damaged part in the liver. 
  • Alanine transaminase (ALT): This enzyme is mostly seen in people suffering from asymptomatic diseases. Such diseases do not show any symptoms and usually, patients are considered to be the carrier of these diseases. 
  • Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT): This enzyme only works when some particular medicines are induced in the body. Some of those medicines are heparin, methotrexate etc. 
  • Alkaline phosphatase (ALP): When an abnormal amount of this enzyme is witnessed in the blood, it can lead to severe tragic conditions on the liver, gallbladder, etc. 

Sign And Symptoms Of Slightly Elevated Liver Enzymes. 

These are some of the signs and symptoms through which one can identify slightly elevated liver enzymes. There are a lot of diseases which can be the reason for elevated liver enzymes. Some of them are: 

  • Jaundice 
  • Dark urine 
  • Feeling of being full, curbs your diet. 
  • One feels nauseous  
  • Light colored stools are witnessed. 
  • You feel weary and tired. 
  • Fatigue. 
  • There is pain and swelling in the abdomen. 

What causes slightly elevated liver enzymes? 

Some of the major reasons why elevated liver enzymes occur are: 

  • Hepatitis  
  • Thyroid  
  • Liver cancer 
  • Metabolic syndrome, a disease related to heart functioning 
  • Drug abuse 
  • Fatty liver disease 
  • Cirrhosis, a condition in which the liver is filled with scarred tissues. 
  • Non- alcoholic fatty acids 
  • Excess of copper storage in the body. 
  • Overweight or obesity 
  • Celiac disease, a disorder in which there is a lot of damage occurred in the small intestine. 
  • Heart failure. 
  • A continuous dosage of counter medicines dealing with pain. 

This disease is one of the most commonly found disease which can be diagnosed with regular medical test and lab checkups. 

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