What Is A  South Beach Diet?

A south beach diet comprises more protein, less amount of carbohydrates and having more of healthy fats. Also called the “Miami Diet” is said to be the diet with low-carbohydrate. The main purpose of this diet is to lose weight and also helps in changing one’s lifestyle. Basically. South beach diet consists of three main phases according to which your food intake takes place. 

South beach diet mainly emphasizes high fibers, low in carbohydrates, more of lean proteins and some amount of unsaturated fats. This diet helps in losing weight quickly in phases. Every phase includes more of food intake and helps in curbing your cravings and gives a kick-start to your weight loss. 

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Phase 1 of South Beach Diet Food List.

Here are some of the food items which can be included in your diet during phase 1. 

In phase 1 a lot of food items are prohibited such as bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, baked food, oatmeal, sugary food items, fruits, and all the possible junk food items available. During this phase, your body is the reset part of the diet where you start burning fats and improve your activeness by boosting your metabolism. 

What all can be eaten in Phase 1:

  • Consume more of shakes and nuts in your diet 
  • You can consume more of lean beef, skinless chicken, fish, egg whites, turkey bacon, ham, turkey breast, pork, lamb and veal. 
  • Add in some sauteed cabbages, nuts and seeds. 

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South Beach Diet Food List - Best Seller Of The Week - Getuserreviews.com

Phase 2 of South Beach Diet Food List.

During this period, your body is all set for a diet meal and hence this is the time where you can add good carbs in your diet. While adding carbs it is necessary to understand that the food should be induced slowly and should be taken proper care while including them again as it may slow the process of the diet, 1-3 pounds of weight loss is necessary at this point of the diet. This is a time in which you should reach the amount of weight you desired for. 

What all can be eaten in phase 2: 

  • You can include all the good carbs in this such as whole grain cereal, pasta, tortillas, brown rice, wheat bread etc. 
  • Some of the fruits you can include are apples, grapefruit, berries, bananas, cantaloupe, and melons. 
  • You also include some starchy food items like carrots, green peas, sweet potatoes, yams, and squashes. 
  • Drinking of alcohol or any other intoxication is prohibited. 

Phase 3 of South Beach Diet Food List.

In this phase, all you have to do is maintaining the weight you desired for. This is also called a weight maintenance phase. You are much more stable in this phase and do not feel hungry as before. Now you can add a number of carbohydrates in your meal and have a little more of proteins as the weight that you have now is resistant to all the food you can have. You have reached your goal but you learn how to maintain it in this phase. 

What all can be eaten in phase 3: 

  • Firstly, continue to follow the rules in this diet. 
  • Add on some lean proteins and good carbohydrates in your diet. 
  • Consume more of eggs, whole wheat bread, chicken, turkey etc. 
  • Have half avocado, some sweet potatoes and all the veggies with fiber in it. 

Hence, we can conclude that in a south beach diet phase 1 is the reset stage, phase 2 is the stage in which you lose weight and phase 3 is maintaining the weight.

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South Beach Diet Food List - Best Seller Of The Week - Getuserreviews.com


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