Are you someone who is generally prone to getting cavities and tooth decays? If you are someone who fears the several visits to the dentist and the numerous drills and root canals, I really don’t blame you. Mouth related problems can be something very difficult to bear with because your mouth is always functioning continuously. Tooth decays and mouth related diseases occur when your mouth is unkempt and you eat the wrong things.

Diet is a very important factor when it comes to keeping your mouth hygiene and healthy. A lot of food items that you consume can be harmful to your teeth and gums. You will be surprised to find out that these food items include the ones we have in a daily basis. Yes, they might also be a few that you cannot live without. If you want to keep your teeth healthy, it is necessary for you that you avoid eating food items that will cause damage to your teeth.

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Below given are the major food items that you should be avoided according to dentist’s recommendation:

Stop Consuming Soft Drinks

Soft drinks that you consume also contain sugar and acids at a very high level. These two components are bound to give you serious health issues if taken in large amounts. The acid present in the soft drinks you take can damage your teeth and cause erosion which can even dissolve your teeth. If you are thinking of brushing after having soft drinks would save you from the damage, then my friend, you are very wrong. Brushing after drinking soft drink doesn’t do any change in the way it has affected the teeth, in fact, it only does you more harm by rubbing the acid deeper into your teeth.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol can be another beverage that can bring you oral diseases. When you consume alcohol, it dehydrates your mouth, which gets rids of all the saliva. This can further cause risk to your mouth in getting periodontal diseases. Even if you drink alcohol, make sure you drink ample amount of water to compensate.

Avoid Eating Caramel

Eating caramel obviously means taking in a lot of sticky sugar substances. These pave the way to a lot of cavities in your teeth. The bacteria formed by eating caramel will damage your tooth enamel and create holes in it.

Teeth-Friendly Food Recommended By Dentists - Best Products Of The Week -

Stop Adding Milk Or Cream In Your Coffee

Yes, I very well understand that this might be hard for you if you love milk and milk products. Using cream can also increase your sugar intake. You can try replacing coffee with milk or cream with green tea or black coffee.

Stop Drinking Lemon Water

It is better than you drink lemonade than drinking water with lemon. Lemon has properties which can damage your tooth enamel and pave way for more tooth decay.

Reduce Intake Of Granola Bars

You might know Granola bars to be very healthy and consumed as the perfect snack. But granola bars can also bring great harm to your teeth. Their sticky texture and the sugar content in them makes it very harmful for your teeth.

Stop Eating Hard Candies

These hard candies can be very dangerous for your tooth enamel and is an easy way to pave way for cavities. These candies later can bring you many harmful side effects. As you get older, your mouth gets drier and starts get smellier breathe. You can always replace these candies with sugar-free gums.  This way it takes care of your saliva secretion and your breath.

If you avoid these food items, you have high chances to better your oral health and prevent yourself from further damage.

Teeth-Friendly Food Recommended By Dentists - Best Products Of The Week -

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