What Is The Latest Method Of Teeth Whitening? 

There are many methods that are used for teeth whitening, many other treatments are also available. The latest and trending method that is used nowadays is Teeth Whitening Pens. This is because to use and are safe. Nowadays the trend to spend lots and lots of money over just whitening of teeth is reduced. Though, there are people opting for it. Nowadays, people want home remedies that are easy and can be routined fast.  

These Teeth Whitening Pens are therefore useful as they serve as the easiest home remedy of teeth whitening. 

What Are Teeth Whitening Pens? 

Teeth whitening pens are thin tubes that are filled with whitening solution. These pens are easy to carry and can fit any pocket. Hence, the demand for these type of remedies is getting more. This teeth whitening pen gives the best results mostly after the first usage. All the leftover stains of coffee, berries, sodas, red wine, tea, red sauce, cigarettes, etc. are vanished. 

Let’s learn about how does it work. 

How Does Teeth Whitening Pens Work? 

The pen contains the whitening serum that consists of the ingredients that are powerful for teeth whitening. Ingredients like carbamide peroxide that is a powerful bleaching agent are present in this serum. Carbamide peroxide contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide that breaks down in the teeth and provides oxygen to the tooth enamel. These ingredients that provide oxygen to the enamel, helps to lighten the color of the teeth.  

There are products that are available which contain sodium hydroxide, glycerin, carbopol, and other flavoring agents. Though the product does not give as good results as the treatments that contain a high concentration of peroxide levels. This product is a low concentrated peroxide serum that whitens your teeth but less effectively than the expensive in-office treatments. 

How To Use Teeth Whitening Pens? 

The application and usage of this pen is very simple. You will get a few shades lightened teeth than the original one. The other expensive treatments give you 8-10 shades whitened teeth, while this pen can 4-5 shades whitened teeth.  

You need to start this process just after thoroughly brushing your teeth. For the application what you need to do is: 

  • First, remove the cap of the pen. 
  • Then, press the lower bottom of the pen until you see the gel. 
  • Apply a thin layer of the gel over your teeth. 
  • Rub the gel in a circular motion but avoid it from touching your gums. 
  • Do not rinse and let it set. 

Make sure the whole tooth surface is covered with it. The serum that rests on the teeth works internally and gives you whitened teeth. 

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What Are The Side Effects Of Teeth Whitening Pens? 

The serum of this pen has certain side effects. After the application, you can feel some irritation in your mouth, especially the gums. It also increases your tooth sensitivity. Your tooth enamel can also damage due to the bleaching agents present in this gel.  

These effects last only for 2-3 days after the usage. But make sure before using any product, you should consult your dentist about it so that the safety issues won’t hinder. This product renders quick results, easy application, and easy carrying service.

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