Feeling Embarrassed By Your Yellow Teeth? Can’t Laugh Out Loudly With Your Friends? Let These Teeth Whitening Strips Help You… 

We all want to laugh out loudly in front of people and show our broad and lovely smile. But because of our white teeth, we are unable to. There are many methods of getting rid of such yellowishness. One of them is, ‘teeth whitening strips’ 

These strips contain a kind of gel that is pressed against the teeth. They contain such ingredients that are useful to whiten teeth. But also, there are certain side effects of using these strips. Let’s learn everything step by step. 

How Do Teeth Get Stained? 

Usually, when we age our dentin starts getting yellow. If we do not have proper nutrition and hydration, your teeth with turn yellow and may start decaying.  

Also, if you have the habit of eating tobacco, then forget about having white teeth. You need to take care of the foods you intake and the kind. If you consume highly pigmented food then it will result in discoloration of your teeth. Discoloration of teeth can happen through age, mental illness, trauma, vivid medications, etc. 

There are also certain other causes that lead to yellow teeth: 

  • Dental Fluorosis. 
  • Antibiotic tetracycline before 10 years of age. 
  • Genetics. 
  • Amalgam or mercury fillings. 

Let’s see how the teeth whitening strips work to vanish this yellowishness. 

How Do Teeth Whitening Strips Help? 

The Teeth Whitening Strips are segments of plastic or polyethylene that are applied on the teeth. One strip for upper teeth and one for the lower. These strips contain hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, and carbamide peroxide. Due to these ingredients, that are perforated in the teeth, a whitening effect is visible.  

These teeth whitening strips help to whiten teeth immediately and it is popular in the beauty industry. You just need to keep the strip for 25-30 minutes. Regular usage will give you the best results. 

What Are The Effects Of Using Teeth Whitening Strips? 

The teeth whitening strips contain Chlorine dioxide that is used to disinfect swimming pools. This acid damages your tooth enamel.  

These strips also contain hydrogen peroxide that comes out with a den of risks altogether. It can cause irritation to your gums and the area surrounded it. 

Hydrogen peroxide can destroy your oral microbiome by killing off the important bacteria. It can also cause gum diseases and even serious breathing problems. 

Thus, though it is beneficial to use these strips, it is riskful because of its serious side effects. 

Let’s see how to use these teeth whitening strips. 

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How To Use These Strips? 

It is very simple to use these strips. You just need to do is: 

  • Open the packet and cut the strips that are meant for its respective cases ( upper case and lower case of teeth). 
  • Apply the strip on its respective areas. Do remember to not apply it on the gums. 
  • Leave it for the time lapse that is printed given on the product. As some are used for 5 minutes and some for 30 minutes. 
  • Do not keep it beyond the given time as it may have negative results on your gums. 
  • Use it 2 times a day and mostly it is not necessary to brush before or after its application. 
  • Do not overuse it that may have adverse effects on your gums. 
  • Take the instructions over the product seriously and to be on a safer side consult your dentist before usage. 

Thus, the whitening strips are eminent to give you best results but there are many risks related to it. 


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