Top 7 Way Using Essential Oils And Risks

What Is The Best Way To Use Essential Oils? 

The beauty industry has considered essential oils as their heart. Also, nowadays there are many searches and clicks over essential oils, its uses, its benefits, etc. have been paced up. This article may help you know how to use essential oils effectively and derive the maximum benefit out of it and also educate you about the risks that are caused for ignoring it. So, let’s study about essential oils!!! 

What Are Essential Oils? 

Essential Oils are extracted from different parts of the plants like flowers, fruit, root, stem, leaves, etc. These oils are highly concentrated versions of natural oils and are extracted by the process of distillation. There are many benefits of essential oils that are found later and has got a tremendous increase in the number of users. It has benefits for hair, skin, nails as well as health. 

The only thing that remains is people are unaware of the proper and exact way of using these oils and are getting the pray of its adverse effects.  

This article helps you to learn about the methods of using these essential oils effectively. 

How To Use? 

There are 7 ways to use essential oils and get their optimum benefit. 

  • Diffusion 
  • Inhale 
  • Topically 
  • Massage 
  • Baths 
  • Compress 
  • Gargle 

Let’s study each in detail. 


This is the most popular method of using essential oils. This contains 8 different types in it. It is the safest method for children, babies, and pets. Diffusion means using any device or method that disperses the molecules of essential into the air. It is beneficial for enhancing mood and gaining better concentration in the work. It also curbs the problem of insomnia. The 8 types are as follows: 

With a tissue: Use a tissue and add a drop of essential oil and keep it somewhere in your vicinity. And enjoy the amazing benefit of it. Add 1 drop every hour. 

Tea light diffusers: this method uses a ceramic or stone container which is to be filled with water and heated with a tea lite candle. Then, add 6-7 drops of essential oil to it. Enjoy the amazing benefits of the aroma that is lifted up in the air. 

Nebulizer: This is used to spray the oil that is sprayed by the pump at the base. A glass nebulizer is an electric device that helps to pump the oil in the atmosphere. 

Room spray: It is an easy way of enjoying the benefits. You need to fill the bottle with distilled water and then add a few drops of essential oil to it.  

Fan diffuser: These are available in the market and it uses a pad that needs to be oiled regularly which renders the circulation of fresh air in your area. 

Terracotta pendant neck diffuser:  You just need to wear the pendant that contains the oil and inhale its molecules. 

Ultrasonic mist diffusers: This method breaks the particles of the oil and blows it in the air. 

Plug-in diffusers: These are plugs that use pads that need to be oiled.

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The tissue usage and the terracotta pendant are the types of inhaling the essential oil directly.


There are some of the oils that are safe to apply topically. If you have pain in any of the area of your body, then this method serves the best. You just need to take a few drops of the oil and apply it over the areas causing pain. But avoid using it in the sensitive areas of your body.


There are certain oils that can be used in your bath waters. But few oils such as cassia, wintergreen, oregano, cinnamon, lemongrass should be strictly avoided in bath waters.


Massage the oils like tea tree oil on your face that are good for skin health and rejuvenation.


You can use the oils by diluting them into water and application of those oils on joints and areas where you ache, gives you relief.


Gargle is also a way to get rid off problems such as the sore throat. Add a few drops of essential oil to the water and then gargle. You should not swallow it. 


  1. You should not start with a high dose all of a sudden. Start with a low dose and then increase the dosage. 
  2. Always apply a layer of carrier oil before making direct contact with the skin. 
  3. Do not use them in sensitive areas. 
  4. Read and follow the instructions before usage. 
  5. Avoid it from sun contact. 
  6. There are many oils that are not safe during pregnancy, so first know about them before application. 
  7. Many oils are also not good for babies and pets, that also should be known before usage. 
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