A keto diet is where you eat lots of fats and cut down on your carbs intake. This diet follows the natural process of ketosis. In ketosis, your body starts to burn fats instead of carbohydrates to provide energy that your body needs to function. Your fats are burned to produce energy.

Eating a keto diet while you’re following a keto diet helps in accelerating your ketosis process. Ketosis is not easy to attain on its own and can take even up to a month or three to even begin. So eating a diet that is keto friendly helps in accelerating ketosis.

A keto diet can be of both types – a vegetarian keto diet and a non-vegetarian keto diet. Today we are going to talk about Vegetarian Keto Diet. Let’s have a look at what is it in brief.

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What Is A Vegetarian Keto Diet?

It a well-known myth that vegetarians can’t keep up with a keto diet. But the truth is a Vegetarian Keto Diet is one of the best diet plans to lose weight effectively. Basically, this diet consists of eating just vegetarian and animal products.

Also, people often think that a Vegetarian keto Diet can’t be followed easily and it’s not that effective as its way too restricting and tricky. But the truth is, if you follow it properly, it will help you lose weight faster.

This diet mainly contains products like eggs and other dairy products. No non-vegetarian products come in this diet plan.

Benefits Of Vegetarian Keto Diet

Although this diet plan is quite limited in its food products, it has a lot of benefits as well.

Controls blood sugar level: It manages and keeps your sugar leveled up.

Reduces weight: The whole point of this diet is to reduce weight and that’s what it does; reduces weight.

Controls blood pressure: Also, controls your blood pressure levels.

Burns fats for fuel: Keto diet speeds up ketosis in which all your fats get burned.

Builds up a lean muscle mass: It also shapes your body into a lean muscle mass.

What To Eat In A Vegetarian Keto Diet?

Here is a list of things you should eat on a Vegetarian Keto Diet.

  • Non-starchy vegetables like onions, cauliflower, beets, etc.
  • Low sugar fruits like apples, raspberries, oranges.
  • Food is rich in protein like eggs and nuts.
  • Healthy fats like avocados and coconut oil
  • Dairy products like cheese, butter, cream.

A Vegetarian Keto Diet helps in your ketosis process. Your diet mainly consists of food rich in healthy fats eliminating any kind of non-vegetarian meals or products like meats. It is a very limiting keto diet as it restricts the amount of food you can eat but it is just as well effective.

You should avoid food rich in carbohydrates as it will ruin all your efforts. If your body gets carbs then it will not burn fats and the whole point of ketosis will be for nothing. Avoid carbs and eat food rich in fats.

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