Know More About Argan Oil.

We all have been using a lot of chemicals on our skin to make it look younger and prettier. It is totally understood that every woman is in need of something that will make her look better cost-effectively. Moreover, it is always better to use something natural than opting for artificial skin shield that will also fade in the long run.

Hence, a lot of women have started going natural by using all-natural elements such as turmeric, different essential compounds, using natural face masks, natural paste to make their skin look youthful and flawless. One of those natural elements is an essential oil called Argon Oil. 

This oil has a lot of benefits as it can be termed as an ‘All In Oil’. It provides almost all the benefits that the skin needs. Not only for skin, but Argan Oil can also be used for hair as it acts very beneficial for any type of hair. This oil also has a lot of medicinal benefits as it helps in treating a lot of diseases, traditionally it was for treating eczema, psoriasis and all the other sin and hair problems.

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What Is Argon Oil Good For? - Best Seller Of The Week -

What is Argan Oil? 

Although the usage of this oil has become famous recently this oil is used from generation by the natives in Morocco. They have utilized this oil in many other ways except for hair and skin such as for rash relief, weight loss, and to treat skin diseases as well.

Often termed as ‘Liquid Gold’ this oil is a totally organic which is extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree. It is usually sold in two ways one is directly in the form of oil which can be applied to the skin directly or in the form of edible capsules in order to consume it. 

It is usually produced with a long process where the seed is first crushed and then the oil is extracted from those seeds. This oil has a lot of benefits as it is rich in Vitamin E, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids. It is basically used for in a lot of cosmetics and skin care products, a lot of companies use Argon Oil while making creams and moisturizer.

Argon Oil contains linoleic acids which are omega 9 which acts as a very good source to reduce inflammation and skin issues like acne and helps in keeping the skin moisturized.

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What Is Argon Oil Good For? - Best Seller Of The Week -

What is Argon Oil good for?

As we have seen some of the advantages of Argon Oil, here are some of the major ones: 

  • It keeps your skin hydrated:
    – Argan oil has become one of the best ways to take care of your skin lately because of its richness in vitamin E. As it makes your skin soft and supple and keeps it hydrated for a longer period of time. It gives moisturization to the skin and keeps it hydrated. As now we know that this skin care oil can be used orally and physically it is also used by women in capsules to rejuvenate the elasticity of the skin. 
  • Acts as a hair conditioner:
    – Argan oil is known for showing it magical effects when it comes to the hair as it makes the hair softer, silkier and glowing. It helps to increase the consistency of the hair and helps in preventing split end and frizziness in the hair. A lot of shampoos and conditioners have included argon oil in their product. It acts as a perfect styling agent as it helps in keeping your hair shiny and frizz-free. 
  • Has anti-aging properties:
    – This oil helps in hydrating the skin and hence your skin looks much more youthful. It has anti-aging properties which help in diminishing all the wrinkles and fine lines present on the skin. Dark patches also fade away with the help of this oil. It helps in restoring the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin. Use is regularly to be the best results. 
  • Helps in treating Acne and dark spots:
    – Argon oil just works perfectly in healing the acne and fading the stubborn dark spots present on the skin. It is not too oily to make your skin too oily for dirt to reside in it. This oil helps in keeping an oil balance of the skin and also prevents one from getting acne. Apply a little to the skin and keep it from some time rinse it and pat it lightly. Repeat these two times in a day. 

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What Is Argon Oil Good For? - Best Seller Of The Week -

  • Fades the stretch marks:
    – Argan oil helps in increasing the elasticity of the skin and helps in facing the stretch marks. Stretch Marks are the worst to fade as it needs a lot of care to treat them. Massage some of the oil onto the required the area and do it twice a day. Continue doing it for some weeks until you find some differences. 
  • Treat Dry skin:
    – A lot of people have dry skin and eczema which is a disease and leaves flaky skin It is very itchy and irritating. Argan oil is very useful because of the essence of vitamin E and fatty acids in it act perfect for dry skin conditions. Also, it helps in hydrating the skin and keeping it moisturized on a daily basis. Apply a little of the affected area and massage it. It also helps in soothing the skin which will prevent the skin from being itchy. 
  • Keeps your nails and cuticles soft:
    – Due to our hectic schedules, we do not get time to take care of our nails and cuticles. Apply Argon oil on each nail one after the other and rub it softly. Leave it for a while and then wash it thoroughly. 
  • Protects you from sun rays:
    – This oil is very rich in Vitamin E which is proven to defend the sunrays and protect them. This oil protects your skin from the sun naturally without any artificial chemicals added to it. To get the maximum benefits it is recommended to apply the oil before going out.  Apply 2-4 drops of oil onto your fingers and massage it on the skin. 
  • Moisturizes the lips:
    – During winters it is very common to have chapped lips due to loss of moisture. This is when Argon oil can be used onto the lips to keep it soft and plump. Apply it just the way you apply lip balm. 

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What Is Argon Oil Good For? - Best Seller Of The Week -

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