Want To Lose Weight Without Consuming Any Chemical Filled Dietary Supplement? 

Yoga is the answer. Yes, It is possible to lose a good amount of weight by practicing yoga daily at home. Usually, people do not know the side effects caused by the weight loss pills available in the market and opt for them. Later they regret their decision.  

However, it is not a new fact that yoga has been used since ancient times to attain many health benefits. Losing weight is one of them. 

In the article below, you will get a brief idea about yoga and how it is effective for weight loss : 

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What Is Yoga? 

People from ancient times practice yoga and it helps in attaining various health benefits. The term ‘Yoga’ means union. And here, this union is union with God, our inner self and all the positive vibes around us. Practicing yoga will help you achieve mental stability and inner peace. 

The pose or postures in yoga are known as Asanas. In simple form, asanas are basically yoga pose or yoga exercise. 

History Of  Yoga 

This spiritual discipline, yoga is practiced by the human civilization since 5000 years.  There is no precise record in the history of the inventor of yoga but it is practiced by people since ancient time to build spirituality and develop self-healing property in the human body. 

Yoga For Weight Loss 

In a modern world, many people are opting for yoga to lose weight and this is because it is completely natural and cause no side effects on the body.  

Given below are some of the asanas that you can practice which will help you shred body fats rapidly : 


Suryanamaskar is most widely practiced yoga asana. It prevails numerous benefits for the human body. Surya Namaskar means sun salutation. It comprises 12 yoga asanas. Some benefits of this are as follows: 

  • Strengthening the skeletal system including ligaments  
  • Aids in easing stress and anxiety. 

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  • While practicing the chair pose (Utkatasana) your parts of your body stretch like hips, legs, and spine.  
  • With your feet stretch apart and arms facing the downward direction stand straight. 
  • Your elbows and knees should be straight and steady.  
  • Bend your body in the position like you are sitting in a chair. 
  • Slightly bend and push the pelvis in the downward direction. 
  • Hold this for 25-30 seconds. 


  • Also known as plow pose, Halasana is very effective in stimulating the metabolism process in the body. 
  • All you have to do is: 
  • With straight feet and arms on either side lie down on the floor. 
  • Lift your leg upward slowly above the ground at a right angle pose. Later slowly lift your buttock, lower abdomen, and upper abdomen along with your legs. 
  • Let your legs touch the ground and your chest touch your chin. 
  • Keep the pose for 30 seconds. 
  • Relax now slowly. 

The above asanas will help you lose weight rapidly. However, it is very important to know that every person has a different body type and the visibility of result may vary. But, hard work always pays off so keep practicing these asanas on daily basis to achieve the desired body. 

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Yoga For Weight Loss - Best Seller Of The Week - getuserreviews.com


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